Color Sand Cod. LD0340S3
Poldina Pro Sabbia LD0340S3
Poldina Pro Zafferano Pro
Zafferano_LAP_Poldina-Pro_LD0340B3-min (1)
Zafferano Poldina Pro LD0340BFA
Poldina Pro Oro LD0340BFO
Poldina Pro LD0340C3 argento metallo
Poldina Pro Rosso LD0340F3
Poldina Pro Verde Salvia LD0340G3
Poldina Pro Verde Scuro LD0340M3
Poldina Pro Oro Metallico LD0340O3
Poldina Pro rosa LD0340P3
Poldina Pro bordeaux LD0340X3
Poldina Pro Rame LD0340RFR
Poldina Pro Corten LD0340R3
Poldina Pro grigio scuro LD0340N3
Zafferano LAP Pro nero LD0340D3
Zafferano LAP Pro
Zafferano LAP Poldina Pro Micro Rosso-Foglia color oro craquelé LD0490FFO
Zafferano LAP Poldina Pro Micro Blu Capri-Foglia color oro craquelé LD0490KFO


Color Sand Cod. LD0340S3

Rechargeable table lamp, with contact charging base, painted aluminum body, polycarbonate diffuser and LED light source.
The lamp is switched on and off by a touch button located on the top of the diffuser; with the same button it is possible to dim the intensity of the luminous flux and adjust the color temperature of the light, choosing between 2200, 2700 or 3000K (the lamps with glossy gold and glossy chrome finish are equipped with a light color temperature selection function 2700K or 3000K). The lamp also has an IP65 degree of protection which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Battery life is guaranteed for more than 12 hours.
Due to the manual nature of the technique adopted in the application of the metal foil, the final appearance of the lamps’ finishing can be different. Any apparent imperfections attest to the quality and exclusivity of each lamp and should not be considered as imperfections.
The lamps with gold color leaf, silver color leaf, copper color leaf finish and with gold and chrome glossy galvanic finish are not suitable for outdoor use.

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poldina pro lampada zafferano ricaricabile
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