I'm Poldina

Poldina is freedom to illuminate: being cordless, it can take light wherever it is required, even where there is no power socket. Light up a dinner with friends in the garden, enjoy an evening reading on the balcony, take a subtle light under the portico on your summer evenings…

Your lamp,
your lifestyle

Thanks to its minimalist clear-cut design, Poldina easily blends in with both classic and modern furniture. Its high protection rating also allows it to be used outdoors.
It has a matt painted aluminium fixture, a polycarbonate diffuser and a LED light source. All versions have an on/off function and a light dimmer function with touch control.


This is why I’m so special!

Do you want to know why Poldina is the portable lamp that adapts to any context? Click the illustration and discover the touch function, the dimmable light, how it can be used outdoors and “Pro” contact recharging.

Customize your light

Press and hold the button on the lampshade and adjust the light color of your Poldina: choose it warmer or colder depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve. To select it simply hold the power button again.


A “touch” of magic...

The elegant clear-cut design of Poldina perfectly combined with practicality: just touch your lamp with your hand to turn it on and off… could it be any easier than that?


Only the light you want!

Touch the button on the lampshade to adjust the light intensity of your Poldina lamp as you please: you can choose to use it at full power or, if you prefer, with a softer atmospheric light.


Shall we go out tonight?

With its high protection rating*, Poldina is also ideal for outdoor use: take it with you out into the garden, onto the balcony or terrace, to light up a dinner or read under the stars… there are no limits to fantasy!(*IP65)


Recharge me on the pad!

To recharge the battery of the Poldina “Pro” versions, simply place the lamp on the pad: the innovative contact recharging base gives Poldina an autonomy of more than 9 hours. Also available in a 6-station version, recommended for bars and restaurants!

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