Poldina x

Color AVIATOR Cod. LD0340FP1
Poldina Peanuts Aviator
poldina peanuts heart
Poldina peanuts friends
poldina peanuts stripe
Poldina peanuts together

Poldina x

Color AVIATOR Cod. LD0340FP1

Poldina x Peanuts™ is a set of five lamps featuring different subjects: “Aviator”, “Friends”, “Heart”, “Together” and “Strip”.
Aviator” features Snoopy as a World War I Flying Ace, on the roof of his kennel. This version comes with a white lampshade and a red column and base.
Heart” features Snoopy, embracing a big red heart.
In the “Friends” version, Snoopy is embracing his little friend Woodstock.
The “Strip” version has a comic strip printed on the diffuser showing Snoopy writing his novel.
The “Together” version includes all the Peanuts characters, printed around the lampshade, as if facing a low wall. This version is also two-tone: a white lampshade and a corten column and base.

Poldina x Peanuts™

Peanuts, the comic strip created by Charles Schulz in 1950, is one of the best-known strip cartoons in the world.

Its endearing and ironic characters are the protagonists of a special edition of the battery-operated, portable and rechargeable lamp Poldina: a lamp to be always carried with you… and especially on dark and stormy nights!

The lamps Poldina x Peanuts feature five different subjects: “Aviator”, “Heart”, “Friends”, “Strip” and “Together”.

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